Best VPN Protocols: Which one to use?

VPN is a tool that has been gaining more and more popularity over the past few years. The reason for this was both strict censorship in some countries, which you want to bypass, and the rules of some entertainment sites, which, for whatever reason, refuse to give access to residents of different countries. But many do not delve into the technologies that VPNs use in their work, and in particular, this applies to its protocols. In this article, we will discuss the types of protocols and decide which ones are best to use.

What is VPN Protocol?

A VPN protocol is the basis of any VPN server. They describe the format of connection organization, data exchange within a private virtual network, and other aspects of software operation. By choosing a protocol, you choose the way of solving the problems you will face and the level of efficiency and safety of your VPN. Today there are several protocol technologies, so there is a debate about which one is the best to use.

Criteria to look for when choosing a VPN protocol

Each protocol has its own set of characteristics, and after studying them it will be easier for you to choose your ideal VPN. Among them:

  • Supported platforms – some VPN protocols can be quite selective and will only provide VPN operation on one or OS, while others can support all available operating systems
  • Supported networks- the list of networks in which VPN protocols work is also different. Some VPNs provide their services only in specific countries, which is due to some technological prohibitions introduced by the state itself
  • Speed of work – some devices work faster on mobile devices and vice versa
  • Security- encryption methods are different in different protocols, so you should choose only those that are least susceptible to common attacks

Review of existing protocols

Below we will tell you about all VPN protocols and their main characteristics:

  • OpenVPN is a universal VPN protocol that can be used as a virtual “office” with full protection from outsiders or a reliable tunnel to connect to content inaccessible in your country. The main feature is open source. Has a high data transfer rate which is head and shoulders above all its competitors and uses TCP and UDP technologies, thanks to which it overcomes blocking even on the most stringent sites
  • PPTP is a very old technology, now it is practically not used. Its principle of operation is that it establishes a standard dual-channel PPP connection between devices, and then transmits data through encapsulation using the Generic Routing Encapsulation method. The protocol is difficult to configure and does not protect the user very reliably, so it is not recommended to use it
  • SSTP is an improved version of PPTP that was supposed to fix the bugs of the previous version, but it was also unsuccessful. The only plus over the old version is that it has improved security and SSL encryption
  • IPsec – ipsec ports are a whole set of protocols, each of which is used to ensure the security of information. A nice plus is its easy setup and availability on any OS. It uses the Authentication Header, which digitally signs every piece of data transmitted over the VPN connection, and the Encapsulating Security Protocol, which protects the integrity of the transmitted information and the confidentiality of protocol users.

Best Monitors for PS5: Enjoy your favorite game on bright screen

If you are a happy owner of the PS5 you also need a powerful monitor that is able to convey all the charms of the console in vivid colors. PS5 supports 4k expansion and 120 frames per second, so a monitor that can’t keep up with such high performance will spoil the impression of the game itself. In this article, you can find a review on the best monitors for PS5 which would be able to fully reveal all the graphical capabilities of the device.

ASUS VP28UQG Overview

Earlier it was said that the PS5 has 4k and 120Hz expansion, but when you face reality, you realize that most games won’t be able to support both at the same time. This is especially true for the most modern and graphically intense games. So if you’re taking a step in favor of picture quality, the ASUS VP28UQG may be your best bet.

It is a 28-inch 4k monitor that will be available for $240. The modern HDMI 2.0 connector combines perfectly with the PS5, and some additional features make it even more immersive.

Another very important factor when choosing a monitor that can be decisive for many gamers is the pixel response rate, and here Asus shows itself decently, it has a TN panel with 1ms support, and although the TN panel is not the best in comparison with its competitors, it has been very pleasing with its improvements recently. 

BenQ EW3270U Review

Even though the BenQ EW3270U is a slightly outdated model, it provides a quality 4K screen image for a very nice price. Thanks to its VA panel, it provides its user with a 3000: 1 contract with additional sharp colors. The monitor’s size is 32 inches and has an attractive design with an ultra-thin frame, making it a bargain overall.

Of course, the screen won’t be able to support 120 Hz and the settings menu lacks the variable refresh feature, but if 4K expansion is a major feature for you, then BenQ will give you what you wanted.

ASUS CG32UQ Review

The ASUS CG32UQ is a more expensive console monitor option that is still more suitable for this purpose. The developers of this model took care that it absorbed all the important characteristics for the game in the console, namely

  • 32-inch screen with 4L expansion
  • VA panel
  • HDR effects have high-quality reproduction and perfectly conveys all the colors and contrasts on the screen

The main feature of the screen is its backlighting feature, which not every TV can boast. This function is built-in not just for beauty, it imitates the colors on the screen, thereby creating an effect of presence. In addition to the purchase, you also get a remote control.

DELL S2721QS Overview

The Dell ps5 is an economical but still reliable monitor option. It has an IPS panel with wide viewing angles, and the refresh rate reaches 60 Hz. And although it doesn’t reach the desirable 120 Hz for the ps5, the screen still has a decent response time, so that all movements on the screen look crisp and high-quality. The screen has a low level of contrast so when playing in a dark room it is not the best option, but Dell is a great alternative for people on a tight budget, which still does a great job.

How to Change Your Name on Roblox

Roblox is a huge virtual world that has existed since 2006, where a large number of different games from different developers coexist. Game participants can create their characters there and participate in the play. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned get-go player who is tired of your nickname, or you made a mistake in your nickname when registering if for some reason you need to change it – our article is here to help you. We will tell you how to change the name in Roblox using a phone, PC, or tablet.

Background Notes

Prior to starting to edit your in-game nickname, you should be aware of the basic prerequisites for this action and its cost.

First of all, you can only edit your Roblox nickname a few times, and you can do it even after the account is created. But each such modification means you have to pay 1,000 Robux, which is the Roblox game’s official currency.

Virtual money can be exchanged for real money, you can get it by buying a set of percentages in the Roblox store and by selling your work in the game. But in the second case, you’ll have to purchase Roblox Premium.

How to edit your Roblox nickname from cell phones and tablets.

So, to change your new picture nickname in Roblox pictures, you have to:

  • Log in to the Roblox app from your Android or iOS and go to your account settings, enter your nickname to use
  • To proceed, run the Roblox app by tapping its image, await the loading of your account and open the “more” section by tapping the three dots image at the lowest menu
  • On the page in front of you, press the six-point symbol, and then go to settings and select the “Account Info” tab
  • You must link your account to a valid email address and verify your identity before you can edit your name.

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to:

  • Hit the “Add email address” option, type it in, then input your Roblox account password in the “Confirm account password” field and click the “Add email address” buttons, and then click “accept”
  • Go to your email and open a message from Roblox, then confirm your identity there.

Now you have everything you need to start changing your name in Roblox. To do this:

  • Enter your user profile information
  • Click the crayon symbol beside the Name field and type in your new username
  • Click the password in the Username + Account Password boxes and press Buy to edit your name in return for 1,000 Robux.

How to change your name in Roblox from PC

You are able to do this by just joining the official get site, or if running Windows 10, you can get access to the settings from the official game platform app.

In the former case, you need to merely log into your Roblox account from your PC by inputting your nickname, password and email. Verify your balance and ensure that you have sufficient money to switch your nickname, then go into the settings and perform the same steps as described above.

In the case of Windows 10, if you’ve already downloaded the Roblox app, just go to your account in settings and follow the same steps.